Friday, 14 December 2007

Nag, Nag, Nag!!

Some people are so impatient. (yes, I mean you Mr Sloth)

Contrary to popular belief, I have been busy, not consoling myself on the lack of weight loss this week by eating lots of pies.

Weight this week 101kg (ON TARGET! HAH!!)
Loss this week 1.3kg
Body Fat 30.7%
Body Water 51%
BMI 31.2

Miles last week 174, ahead of target by 4 whole miles at last.

Unfortunately, it cannot last.

Last Sunday's 134 mile ride almost killed both me and my bike. The poor thing (bike not me) has had to have a bottom bracket transplant, new rear gear cable, new brakes, and a full service (if only......)

Since then the 12.5 hours in the howling wind (which spun round a whole 180 degrees at lunchtime to be in our faces ALL day) and rain have meant a head cold has taken root, and so far this week (Friday) I have done the sum total of nil miles, and zero dieting.

On the up side, a trip to the doctor has resulted in a signed-off medical certificate for the Etape, so its all-systems-go from hereon in. Additionally, he wondered where the 36 lbs I took with me last time have disappeared, and advised against losing too much weight. That sounds like encouragement to lower my weight loss targets I think........

With luck, a following wind, and a clear frosty morning, Sunday may see another 100km ride, this time out over Cannock Chase, one of my particular favourites.

Friday, 7 December 2007

It's Official(ish)

It seems that the route is now known in a bit more detail.

According to the Etape du Tour website yesterday (the french version, the English is not yet updated) the route , pending confirmation by the police etc, will be:

Start: Pau (Racecourse Area)
Rebenacq (via Gan)
Cote de Labatmale (small climb)
Cote de Loucrup (small climb)
Bagneres de Bigorre
Col de Tourmalet (another 'little' climb)
Luz Saint Saveur
Montee vers Hautacam (Grimpe up Hautacam)

which should look something like this......

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Milestone Week

Weight 102.3kg (No change)
Target weight 102kg
Body lard percentage 30.9 (No change)
Body water 50.5% (No change)
BMI 31.6 (No change)

I suppose I should be satisfied that I didn't put any weight on last week...........

Miles last week 90, now 100 behind target.

So I may be 100 miles behind my own target, but there was a milestone this week. On 10th July 2006, I arrived home with a Peugeot Road Bike rescued from the tip, and puffed around 5 miles in about 24 minutes (some of it was uphill, honest).

This week, I clocked up my 5,000th mile since then, in which time I have done Audaxes, Sportives, and reduced my time for the 5 mile home circuit to 17 minutes (there's still some uphill bits).

Big "Tinsel and Lanes" Audax (213km) on Sunday, if I stay fit (cold threatening) the deficit will go this week.